The Gift of Grace series by Frog and Esther Jones

 Grace Under Fire Full cover  coup de grace high res  Falling from Grace lower res“Growing up in a foster home, one never really connects with technology.  Oh, sure, the occasional family has a computer sitting on a desk somewhere, but by and large I was limited to the computer lab at school.  My classmates, of course, all carried the latest gizmo.  Having the next generation whatsit elevated one’s social standing at least two rungs.  I, of course, attempted to play off my lack of resources as simply being too cool for such things, but with limited success.  At the end of the day, I tended to sit back and watch the information revolution from the front seat of a twenty-year-old Volvo.”  – Robert Lorents


Robert may not be too tech savvy, but the rest of us are.  Welcome to the website for Frog and Esther Jones, scifi/fantasy authors of the Pacific Northwest and all-around awesome people.  Here, you’ll find information on who we are and what we do, links to all our stuff, and maybe (if you’re lucky) you can catch a taste of what’s in store for our erstwhile heroes.  Also, you can find sweet news updates about our schedule, like this one:

Next Public Appearance:

Frog and Esther will be at Spocon!


Look for us in the author’s row, and look for Frog on his normal breakneck spree of panels as Robert and Grace return home to Spokane, Washington.