On Collateral Damage

Let me talk to you for a moment about Jennifer Brozek.

Now, I’ve been going to panels with Jennifer for a couple of years.  She’s an amazing speaker, she’s a hell of a gamer, and she is amazing at what she does.  She has nothing to do with the Sad Puppy or Rapid Puppy or any kind of fucking puppy.

I am pissed off at the moment.  Fandom, fellow Hugo voters, I am talking to you.  You.  Fucked.  Up.

See, Jennifer was nominated for Best Editor – Short Fiction.  And rightfully so.  Her work on Apocalypse Ink Productions is fabulous, and I can’t recommend it more.  She didn’t have anything to do with the political fallout; she was there on her own power.

And you voted “no award.”

I get that Vox Day is a prick.  I’m not behind him at all.  And I would never encourage you to vote for him.

But “no award” is a vote that means I do not believe anyone nominated in this category is worthy.  It takes every nominee out, not just the ones you don’t like.

When you voted “no award,” you told the world that Jennifer didn’t deserve a Hugo.  Did you truly believe that?  Or did the Sad Puppy thing mean you just checked the “No Award” box all the way down?

I haven’t looked, but I’m willing to bet within hours of the awards closing, the Puppies will be claiming victory.  And that’s too bad, because there were gems hidden in this muck.  Gems that deserved a little recognition.  Gems who work hard to present good content to the fan community.

Toni Weisskopf has nothing to do with the Puppies.  Tedd Roberts had nothing to do with the Puppies.

So I am sorry, to all those who deserved a Hugo, who should have gotten a Hugo, and who have nothing to do with the political fuckups concerning the Hugos.  For what its worth, you had my vote.