Frog and Esther Jones

Books, Projects, and More


Sky Warrior BooksThese people gave us our first published short story.  Sky Warrior turns out awesome books for a reasonable price.  They have a bevy of other authors that are worth checking out as well.
SpoConOur hometown con; the place where all of this started.  Check out the League of Extraordinary Writers competition for the people that kicked us into high gear.  Thanks SpoCon!
RadconAnother lovely little con, this one in the Tri-Cities.  We’ll be making our first con as writers at this one come February.  We’re really looking forward to it; SkyWarrior is going to be the Publishing Guest of Honor, so we’re also happy for that fine group.
MisConFor those of you who are from Montana.  MisCon 2012 is especially exciting due to the appearance of George R.R. Martin, who will be taking the time to provide himself with an excuse for not working on his next book.We’re kidding, George.  Look forward to meeting you there.
NorwesconThe Grand-daddy of them all.  If you’re linking cons in the Northwest, it is nothing short of silly to give a shout out to this, the big one.